Virgin white wood Clumping

Natural, safe and healthy

Virgin white wood Clumping

Ingredients: white wood powder, calcium carbonate (shell powder), cornstarch / 7L(2.1kg)

NT 435

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O'KAT Natural Wood Litter

Virgin white wood Clumping




White wood is a natural product and it is dust free. O’KAT natural wooden litter comes from Mikkoichi-cho, Hamamatsu-shi, Japan, where many piano manufacturers are located. Hamamatsu City has been producing pianos for nearly two hundred years. O’KAT wood litter formulas are made from quality virgin timbers especially felled for piano making.
Natural, safe and healthy
O’KAT wood litter contains no chemicals or synthetic scents that are harmful to cats. Its dust- free quality means not only is your cat health improved but your living space is kept nice and clean.
Naturally odor-controlling
The natural fibers bind and trap liquids and odors so they can't escape and the wooden fiber contains phytoncide that ultimately controls odor. This all keeps the litter box fresh without adding artificial fragrance. 
It quickly solidifies and Eco-friendly 
With our own recipe of processing the natural piano quality timber, the urine can be absorbed easily and fast and clumps nicely. The urine clumps can be flushed in the toilet or used as gardening fertilizer.

1. Fill with 3-4 inches ( 7-10 cm) of litter
2. Daily scoop the clumps. Urine clumps can be flushed into toilet, and stools need to be put in the trash. Do not flush cats’ stools into toilet.
3. 7L can last for 30-40 days for one cat household.
4. Monthly, dispose of entire litter contents and refill with new O’KAT wood litter.
5. If your cats are transferring from bentonite to wood litter, please mix with these 2 type of sands little by little.
Ingredients: white wood powder, calcium carbonate (shell powder), cornstarch
specification : 7L / 2.1kg
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