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YU Oriental Herbs Care for Pets Line Bubble Rice Crème Bath for Pets Cha – Tea Beauty Bath for Pets Dog Being Professional – The ultimate professional cares Organic Pet Superfood – Scientific formulated mushroom supplements
Naturie – Australian fresh treat series Alpha Paw – The Eat Better Bowl & Drink Better Bowl Rogz – Use it or lose it! Koo Accessories – Austrian crystal collar series Omega Paw

YU Oriental Herbs Care for Pets Line

Delicate pet care line from Asia – Exclusive oriental herbs care

Oriental herbs have been nature’s most well-preserved secret. The exclusive YU Oriental Herbs Care for Pets product line introduces an exceptional selection of oriental ingredients with Peony, Lotus, Ginkgo, Coix seed, Astragalus, Formosa Apricot, Chinese Bellflower and Balsamina, to offer natural nourishment with fruity and floral fragrances for a healthy, charming and happy pet.

Yu Oriental Herbs Care for Pets reveals Asia’s herbal and floral extracts mysteries in beauty care and provide all-natural nourishment for your pets’ skin and coat. From bathing, special beauty care to intensive nourishment, your pets happily enjoy the nourishment of rare herbal and floral essences at all grooming moments. 

Bubble Rice Crème Bath for Pets

Bubble Rice Crème Bath for Pets is leading the trend of LOHAS beauty care for pets. With its rich history and cultural heritage, medicinal herbs, vast oceans and seas, and natural minerals, Asia offers a remarkable selection of nourishing and smoothing ingredients ideal for pet care beauty products.
Natural is finally here to stay, and “Rice” is fully-recognized for its beneficial attributes in beauty care products. This tiny grain is a true natural treasure for skin and hair beauty care - rice germ and rice bran contain 64% of all rice nutrition and are rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamin B1, vitamin E, ceramide and minerals - all essential elements for gentle skin and coat care. Rice starch offers exceptional moisturizing and is easily absorbed by skin cells for a better-balanced oil secretion.
Bubble Rice Bath Crème for pets only uses the best quality rice extracts to provide a complete Skin & Coat nourishment for your pets.

Cha – Tea Beauty Bath for Pets

A refreshing and innovative approach to pet beauty care - the fragrances and health benefits of assorted teas finally brought to pet beauty care. White tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea and jasmine tea... for an absolute and smoothing beauty bath experience. The exclusive Cha formula contains high levels of tea polyphenols and vitamin C for successfully resisting oxidation and free radicals. With its deep foam and refreshing tea fragrance, Cha nourishes, protects and gently cleans your pets’ skin and coat. 

Dog Being Professional – The ultimate professional cares

Dog Being Professional offers a full range of natural ingredients to control the common health issues encountered with pets’ skin and coat. Its exclusive range of products offers deep-cleansing, anti-flea, ear-cleansing, and home deodorant sprays. Dog Being Professional formulas include precious Himalayan crystal salts, natural herbs and mineral extracts providing alternative solutions for pets’ skin and coat beauty care conditions.

Organic Pet Superfood – Scientific formulated mushroom supplements

Organic Pet Superfood is USDA organic certified - Scientific formulated mushroom supplements are veterinarian approved for dogs and cats. 

Since 1985, James & Michael have been working with their father as mushroom farmers. They decided to blend their knowledge of medicinal value of mushrooms with pet nutrition supplements. They invented the most comprehensive, natural, organic medicinal mushroom supplements and packed them with recyclable cardboard paper tubes to commit a sustainable business practice and devoted them to the beloved pets.

Ancient eastern medicinal and modern scientific researches have proven the unique adaptogenic value of mushroom. This substance is not only unique but also hard to create by chemistry technology. As time goes by, the knowledge and usage of this substance has become more complex and effective.

USDA certified, highly concentrated and pure ingredients, 100% home-grown, produced and packed in FDA certified domestic organization, 100% non- additives, non-gluten, non-flavored, non-animal by-products.  
Why should you choose Organic Pet Superfood?
- Pure mushroom concentrate, safety and quality: All mushrooms are cultivated, produced and packed in FDA certified domestic organization.
- Highly-concentrated & precisely-formulated ingredients: Why is it so effective? Highly concentrated ingredients and professional formula improve and maintain the health condition.
- Tasty: Pets simply love the natural mushroom flavor. And you will also “love” the products for being a 100% natural non-additive. 

Whole series: Joints – Soft joint tissue protection formula, skin & coat – Fluffy coat and beauty skin formula, immunity – immunity formula, digestion formula

Naturie – Australian fresh treat series

Be picky with your treats! Natural treats from Australia that are all natural, healthy, non-additives, non-flavored, non-preservatives, rich of protein, minerals and vitamins. Feed the most original and natural food to your pets. Their teeth and gums will be cleaned and worked out through the chewing process to naturally maintain their oral health. The whole series are Australian Agriculture Bureau certified and have been approved by Taiwan Agriculture Bureau for import to Taiwan.


Alpha Paw – The Eat Better Bowl & Drink Better Bowl

Alpha Paw Eat Better and Drink Better Bowl is a creative product line from Singapore. Alpha Paw has obtained numerous design awards in the USA and Japan for creating a new standard in pet care industry. Eat slowly is the key to be healthy. Eat Better Bowl is made of K-Resin, a material widely used in medical equipment and high-quality table wares. The wishbone design in the centre of the bowl has 3 apexes and connecting ridges, which serve as an obstruction to deter your pet from making a clean sweep of the food. The same obstruction also makes it more difficult for pets to get their muzzles near enough to the base of the bowl, thus preventing them from “inhaling” their food and vomiting. 

Slower eating makes your pets feel full faster and absorb the nutrition better. As a result this bowl can also be a useful weight management tool. The healthy life of pets is starting from their eating and drinking habits.

Drink Better Bowl features a unique floater in place, moderating the amount of water accessible to your pets. Water flows out in small amounts through the small “wishbone” design opening in the centre. By moderating the water intake, this bowl design effectively prevents pets from drinking too fast and vomiting, and greatly limits direct contact with your pet’s ears and muzzle. It helps to cultivate healthier drinking habits in your pet.


Rogz – Use it or lose it!

Rogz – Ultimate collar and lead series are not only super cool, they also reveal the ultimate handcraft. With cool, cute, sexy and charming colors and styles, finely woven nylon plus reflective design to improve safety of night time dog walking. 

NASA grade product design: 1. High-density nylon tightly woven & reflective design. 2. Rogloc safety clip design 3. CPC comfort guarantee 4.LLT technology 5. Casting ring 6. breakaway buckle. 

With so many cool features, you may want to put two sets on your pet to showoff on the streets.

Koo Accessories – Austrian crystal collar series

Exciting bling bling spirit ! Koo accessories are combining hip hop, mix and match, luxury, sporty, and Rock ‘n Roll to give your pets a unique and trendy look.

Manufactured with luxury and trendy patent leather, and adorned with large and shiny Austrian crystals, multi-layer coating buckle for a classic and elegant style revealing every fashion details. 

Koo Accessories has the perfect match for your pet’s coat. Your pet will be the star on the “catwalk” !

Omega Paw

Omega Paw we develop, manufacture, and market innovative dog and cat products.Each year we introduce new, unique, functional products that excite our customers with their creative design.
Our goal is to continuously manufacture these products with quality and efficiency to bring value to our customers.

We always aim to build partnerships with our customers by being responsive to their needs.
In all Omega Paw activities we will operate with honesty, integrity, and genuine concern for our employees, customers, suppliers, and community

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